Candid Street Feet

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A different candid foot fetish site that specializes in EXTREME CLOSE UPS OF WOMEN'S TOES AND SOLES when they're out and about. If you love feet as much as I do, you can't keep your eyes off of them when they're out in public. You know you're a foot voyeur if seeing a woman dangle her sandals, arching her soles when wearing flip-flops, or dipping her foot in and out of her pumps gets you hot.

But don't you wish you can get up close and personal with a woman on her tippy-toes. I love to get so close I can smell them. And that's where I step in (no pun intended). I position myself within inches of these unsuspecting women with long toes, short toes, stubby toes, or skinny toes, and shoot their feet with my hi-res digital camera in continuous mode . How do I do it? QUICKLY AND BRAZENLY! Because, you can't just saunter up to some housewife, girlfriend, or milf... get on your hands and knees... and snap pictures of her soles. Especially when their man is right next to them. Although some wives have even caught me and continue to let me shoot their feet. It requires skill and tact. You know, like pretending to tie your shoes for three or so minutes. Damn these laces won't stay!!!

So if you like to stare at women's feet, of all races, in public but have always wanted to go in for a closer look... then look no further. gets you so close you can see their plantar surfaces and toes' skin patterns (aka toe prints).

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